10 RV Terms to Help Your Shopping Experience

So you decided that it’s finally time to start looking for a new or used RV for sale in California. Congratulations! As soon as you are out on the road having an adventure and creating memories you will not regret your decision. Whether you are going to be a full-time RVer or a weekender (head out for the occasional weekend) your RV will open up lots of doors for you. You will enjoy a smooth ride when you hit the road, but shopping around for an RV can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. 

4 Festive RVs to Get You in the Holiday Spirits!

When people travel for the holidays they have a tendency to go light on the Christmas decorations. There thought is why spend time decorating when they won’t be home for Christmas and will just have to take it down when they get home. However, when you travel in an RV all that changes. Not only can you decorate inside your RV, but outside as well. There are many campgrounds that will even host Christmas decoration contests to make it fun for everyone. So, if you will be on the road, or setup at a campground, checkout these 4 festive RVs to get yourself in the holiday spirits!