What would Happen if Lightning Struck an RV?

Thunder can be scary. Lightning can be deadly! Have you ever wondered what would happen if your RV was stuck by lightning? We have gathered all the facts so you can know for certain if your family is safe from nature’s wrath.

RV Tips: RVing with Your Dog

Are you part of the 53% of RVers who RV with your Dog? Our pets are our family, friends and companions. They’re also entertaining. Which makes sense why it’s such a joy to bring them on your RV Adventures. Before you head out with your leash in hand, here’s a few things to consider…

The Neighborly RVer

The Golden Rule of RVing is the same Golden Rule of Life. Do unto fellow campers as you’d like them to do to you. As long as you take a moment to think about the other person’s viewpoint you can become the Ultimate RV Neighbor!