RV Tax Write-off Secrets You Have To Hear

Whether you buy a recreational vehicle to use for an occasional trip to the lake or live in it for months at a time, as long as it meets the Internal Revenue Service’s standards, you can claim your RV as a second home. This can provide you with a tax break as federal tax law in 2015 allows you to deduct mortgage interest on both your main home and a second home.

6 RV Maintenance Tips Every RVer Can Benefit From

It is crucial for RV owners to take meticulous care of their vehicles. Some regular maintenance tasks can be completed simply by monitoring the issue, along with correct usage. Other parts of RV maintenance will take some elbow grease, while others are best left to a professional. Lets take a look at some essential upkeep tasks to help ensure that your RV will be up and running smoothly for years to come.