20 Easy Summer Recipes to Make While RVing

Whether you are at home, at a campsite, or on the road, one thing you can’t get away from is eating! You can choose to eat out for every meal if you want, but one of the benefits of traveling in an RV is having a kitchen to make meal prep and cooking easy. You can save money cooking for yourself and enjoy healthy, and fresh meals. If you’re tired of your same old recipes, try the following RV recipes that are great for summer!

1. Foil-Pack Chicken Fajita Dinner

“Combine chicken breasts, peppers, salsa and more for an easy chicken fajita dinner. This Foil-Pack Chicken Fajita Dinner is easy on the cleanup crew.”

Recipe: myfoodandfamily.com

2. Hot dogs and Hamburgers

Remember, you don’t need to complicate meals when you’re on the road. If you have an outdoor kitchen on your RV, a small outdoor stove, a charcoal grill at your campsite, or a fire ring, you can make a summer favorite—hot dogs and hamburgers. By cooking outside, clean-up is easy and the RV won’t smell like dinner.

3. Instant Pot Shrimp Boil

“Everyone’s favorite low country boil can be made so easily and effortlessly right in your pressure cooker in just 6 minutes!”

Recipe: damndelicious.net

4. Friday Pizza Night

If pizza is a family favorite, you don’t have to give it up while you’re traveling and you don’t have to rely on takeout. ToGo RV has a super helpful article on how to enjoy pizza night while RVing, including how to make it on the campfire, stovetop, RV oven, and more.

5. Sandwiches

Dinners don’t need to be fancy when you’re traveling and enjoying new experiences. Sandwiches can be a simple and affordable option for a family on the road. Each person can customize their sandwich to their own liking. You can add in some fresh veggies and fruit, or a bag of chips and a pickle and call it done.

6. Marinated Grilled Chicken

“The BEST EVER Grilled Chicken Marinade makes the most tender and juicy grilled chicken!!! The only marinade you will EVER need! A little sweet, a little tangy, absolute perfection!”

You can use the grilled chicken as your main dish and add sides, or you can add the chicken on top of a salad. You can also grill extra so you have leftovers to make into a new chicken meal on day two!

Recipe: auntbeesrecipes.com

7. Salads

Just like sandwiches, a salad bar is an easy way to have a light meal the whole family can customize. Cut up a large amount of greens and then have small dishes with your family’s favorite salad toppings to create a salad bar feel. Each person can build their own salad. You can add bread and a dessert to round out the meal.

8. Slow Cooker Hawaiian Meatballs

“These slow cooker Hawaiian meatballs take only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make! So easy and always a crowd pleaser. Makes the perfect appetizer or main dish.”

This is a great option if you’re looking for a hearty meal after a busy day.

Recipe: iheartnaptime.net

9. Instant Pot Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Instant Pot Chicken Lettuce Wraps is an easy and fun appetizer or main course, similar to what you get at Pei Wei and P.F. Chang’s, but better!”

Recipe: thisoldgal.com

10. Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs

This grilled salmon is coated in a flavorful marinade then grilled until golden brown. A super easy dinner option that will earn you rave reviews! This salmon can also be baked, broiled or pan seared.

A light and filling meal for those hot summer days.

Recipe: dinneratthezoo.com

11. Freezer-Friendly Southwest Breakfast Burritos

“These frozen breakfast burritos are a fantastic way to start the day. And bonus! These burritos were made to eat on the go.”

Fun and easy breakfast or you can use them for any meal. The best part is you can assemble them at home and just heat them up in your RV.

Recipe: hellowglow.com

12. On the Road Again Sliders

These sliders consist of turkey, smoked gouda, arugula, pesto, and caramelized onions on a ciabatta roll.

Recipe: gorving.com

13. Campfire Nachos

“Campfire Nachos are a fun vegetarian meal option when cooking outdoors! They’re topped with canned goods like corn and beans, and are easy to customize to what you have on hand.”

Recipe: theliveinkitchen.com

14. Make-Ahead Hearty Six Layer Salad

“This salad is an all-time favorite. I reach for the recipe whenever I need a dish to pass. It is easy to make, can be assembled ahead of time and looks marvelous. —Noreen Meyer, Madison, Wisconsin”

Recipe: tasteofhome.com

15. Walking Tacos

“Portable and perfect as a snack, appetizer or party dish, Walking Tacos are all the rage and totally delicious! Just pile taco toppings on top of your favorite bag of chips!”

This is a fun option if you have kids or just want something quick and easy for eating outside.

Recipe: savoryexperiments.com

16. Grilled Baked Potato

You can use grilled baked potatoes as a side dish or create a baked potato bar with toppings like steamed broccoli, chili, pulled pork, bacon, cheese, sour cream, and whatever else your family enjoys.

Recipe: rvlifestyle.com

17. Crock Pot Pulled Pork

“Looking for a delicious pulled pork recipe to make while camping? This crock pot camping pulled pork recipe is easy to make and will be loved by all!”

Recipe: therovingfoleys.com

18. Avocado & Bacon Chicken Salad

“This Avocado and Bacon Chicken Salad recipe is the best chicken salad recipe ever! Savory chicken, creamy avocado, and mayo, with crispy, salty bacon. What’s not to love! This over-the-top chicken salad is great on rolls, stuffed into an avocado, or served over lettuce.”

Recipe: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

19. Instant Pot Coca Cola BBQ Ribs 

This five ingredient instant pot dinner is super easy to throw together in the RV after exploring for the day.

Recipe: mamacheaps.com

20. Eat out at local restaurants

So, this isn’t a recipe, but one of the fun things about RVing is getting to explore new places. If you are a new area, don’t be afraid to try restaurants in the area. Talk to the locals to find out what the best restaurants are and what specialties exist in their area. This will help you create one more fun memory from your trip, and you may discover a new favorite meal.

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